(Introduction to a New Chester Author)


                                                  The beginning - A New Authors first Novel

                                         A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO AUTHOR - JA FENNELL


I was born in Dudley road hospital in Birmingham-England on the tenth of August nineteen forty five, the first of eight children, my parents moved over to Dublin in southern Ireland in nineteen forty eight so I lived there for ten years until nineteen fifty eight when the family returned back to England.  But looking back now to that long gone ten year period of my family's  life all those years ago I like to think, because of the then times, "escaped" is more appropriate.

The idea of book writing for me came from my inquisitive grand children, after getting asked many questions by family members about my early life as a young boy and early childhood In Ireland, I had decided to try and put some story details together for them in chronological order and make it easy for them to follow.

So I purchased a laptop even though I had never used one before, but I soon realised my book writing skills and my laptop ability were on the same level, absolute zero.

So I now had more than enough on my plate to keep my day time hours occupied and my grand children happy with my little stories of my childhood. Talking about your past with family or friends is one thing, putting the stories in legible book form is quite something else for a non-writer.

Had I realised the commitment required teaching one's self to do just one of these jobs to become competent on my new laptop and at the same time learning or trying to learn to become acceptable as a writer just for my family, or for that matter publishing, I don’t think I would have continued.  I had retired from being a general building contractor after fifty years working and living in the city of Chester up to the year two thousand and ten, but I now felt I needed more, something additional to fill my spare daytime hours.

Always a very active and fit individual having spent many years training and teaching Shotokan Karate for almost thirty five years in the evenings and weekends, and I still do, but I just needed something more to do besides my evening karate instruction classes.

However I am also an avid book reader of film and film stars especially their autobiography’s, if I could put faces to the characters in a book it made more sense to me and I could read the book from start to finish without putting it down, that is whenever time allowed, this way I could visually identify the lead characters and others easley in my mind.


Having to sit hour upon hour, week upon week and into several years behind my desk was initially extremely very boring at times for me and some nights not even getting to my bed, not being the most patient of men I had many second thoughts about this new possible part time writing career.

But where to begin, well like most people who know me would say, try at the beginning Tony, as far back as you can remember and see what happens.

The story of my as yet uncompleted and still to be published autobiography of life in those ten years in Dublin can be found in part one of my Autobiography “A life time of memories” and makes “I believe” Interesting and fascinating reading about a very young family of boys struggling for survival in times long gone, further details of this Autobiography will be pubished at a later date.

So my personal autobiography had begun and is continually ongoing todate.

Well I started, remembering, and writing, and learning, and now several years later alongside my ongoing seven part autobiography several paranormal short stories were completed along the way that led eventually to my first noval to be published, “McKay’s Nightmare”.  Some more novels are in the pipe line.

I now admire and respect the dedication of all types of writers, especially authors, however after all the talk on writing I decided “well I started this new writing venture so I’ll stay with it and finish the job” whatever the outcome, and I have, everything now depends on the readers.

These short paranormal stories derived from my very early experiences as a child in the city of Dublin in southern Ireland over sixty five years ago and helped me form the outlay for my first book on short stories  “The unexplained” Fact or Fiction short stories which led eventually to my first noval, “McKay’s Nightmare”.

I can only wait for the reaction of the readers to decide if I should carry on writing for publishing purposes or just for family and friends, but for now I’ll move on with my short story writings and hope you will find them interesting enough to follow.

Well just get on with it then I hear the readers saying, Ok let’s do just that, happy reading.