My Uninvited Car Passanger

                                       THE MYSTERY OF A 1956 FORD POPULAR MOTOR CAR        

                                                            INTRODUCTION - JA FENNELL

My first motor vehicle, a black nineteen fifty six ford popular, I had purchased in nineteen sixty three, from, of all places a local motorbike shop in the City of Chester, in the North West of England.

The story of this vehicle with a paranormal back ground I had told to friends and family over many years, you should write a little book about this they use to say, but writing takes time and patience that I never seemed to have and eventually I just pushed it to the back of my mind forgot all about it for many years.

So when I retired at age sixty five out of boredom I found myself scribbling bits and pieces about everything and nothing, now thinking I may have a go at writing a autobiography, so now thinking back over the years of long ago and realised that is what I wanted to do and the memories just flooded back, so the autobiography begun.

Then from nowhere my old Ford motor car came to mind and I thought I’ll try and remember some details about this very unusual vehicle and its previous owner my uninvited  guest on the back seat. This has to be a separate story I thought, so that’s just what I did.

I quickly put the autobiography on hold and started remembering and writing about this strange vehicle, Just tell it as it happened Tony my friends said, so that’s what I have done.

Let’s get on with the story then I hear you all say,  Ok, here we go and I hope you find  it interesting and as strange and I did,  remembering  to my mind it's  based on fact and told as I remember it from nineteen sixty three.