Night of the Prowler

                                                               NIGHT OF THE PROWLER 


The night prowler, a haunting apparition of a stumbling cripple in quivering silhouette form is terrifying people in the ancient roman city of Chester; over thirty people have witnessed and reported the sightings of this apparition in the previous months in writing to the local constabulary.

Why is the local police constabulary hesitant in pursuing this case, yet happy to allow the local newspaper to take the lead and do their job for them?

Four local families in particular all unknown to each other and living several miles apart have been subjected to its terrifying appearance several times.

The local newspaper (City Gazette) has picked up on the story and senior reporter Tom Hamilton has been called into the editor’s office and informed he has been assigned to take charge and find the truth of the situation sooner rather than later before it gets out of hand.

Tom Hamilton now a fifty year old ex-soldier and ex-police officer known over the past thirty years to all his past comrades as “The Tracer” for his ability to search and find absconding villains, missing teenagers and capable of discovering that one important lead that will lead to a successful conclusion without making a fuss and doing so discreetly, quickly and successfully.

Hamilton has been ordered to keep in regular touch with Cheshire Police sergeant William Rodgers and of course his editor, ex-Army Major Fredrick Willingham on a regular daily basis.

It soon becomes apparent to Hamilton there is a major connection between the city of  Cardiff in South Wales and four Chester families, involving him in a sixty year old family enigma to unravel before he can get even close to identifying the prowler.

Just how do you unravel a long forgotten mystery that no one knows anything about, brings Hamilton’s rule of thought that has always been “If it’s solvable we’ll solve it” pushed to the limit.