Tales Of The Unexplained (Fact Or Fiction)


             (I shall continue my writing until I write a novel that supersedes   “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)


Is it possible to be psychic as a child but not as an adult, if yes, could it be the result of several years of prescription drugs as a child, or just an inherited faze that maybe some children go through without ever been really aware of it, has something unusual, dramatic or maybe even life threatening got to happen that kick starts the psychic phenomenon process.

Well, If the answer is no to the above, how am I to explain my  very strange occurrence’s as a child on the corporation housing estates in the city of Dublin to you the reader In the following short stories and on many more occasions that I have yet to write about.

How do I write about fact, knowing that people may think its fiction, make believe or just the work of a good story teller, the answer that regularly comes back to me from my family and friends is, “Tony, just tell it as it is” if they believe it, good for them, because the stories are based on fact, if they don’t then be happy to let them treat the stories as fiction.

Depending on their point of view the readers will make their own decisions, and of course my personal intention is not to try and convince readers one way or the other but just to tell the story as I remember it for their enjoyment, for the reader to make a decision they have first to acquire the book to read the stories.

If they do and find it interesting you are than on your way to achieving your goal as a writer,   you write it, they read it, result. I know, I know, if only it was that easy, not being a professional writer and having no actual formal education to fall back on is a hindrance when it comes to explaining the more difficult and intricate details, but not impossible.

Writing short stories out of boredom in my retirement and learning how to use a laptop for the very first time while attempting to learn some of the literacy skills required to be a writer or even a novice writer is a major undertaking on my part to say the least. 

In my ongoing (To date-Uncompleted  Autobiography)   “A Lifetime of Memories”   I agreed to write my memoirs for my ever increasing family to answer all their questions on my life as a child, I realised they knew very little if anything about me or my younger siblings lives while living in Dublin-Ireland between 1948 and 1958 and probably never would.

So I decided to put my childhood stories in some chronological order and in the form of a book for their future interest and family discussions.

However, the Fact or Fiction stories are a direct result of my ongoing autobiography; many of the stories had a strange psychic element to them, I had stored them deep in the back of my mind and over the years gradually forgot all about them, for over sixty years they remained buried until I began writing about my past, the more I played on the keyboard the more memories returned.

So, as advised by family and friends I shall tell the stories as I personally remember them, all are based around actual events.  Well was I psychic as a child, I don’t know, I don’t think so, but as a child whenever I was alone I never felt alone, I can only liken it to being in a packed cinema, when the lights go out you can’t see anyone, but you know everyone is around you and that’s how it feels to me from time to time, strange but true, my maternal grandparents and my mother were certainly convinced.

Mam said something strange and unexplainable was always going on around me as a child, so much so that she felt she never had to worry about me as much as she did for the rest of the family, but of course she did anyway, whatever was in one of us was in all of us she said, there was an invisible cord that ran through all of us in the family that could never be broken, and she was so right, family ties, I guess everyone has them.

Someone was always watching over me throughout my ten years in the Emerald Isle and there’s no doubt what so ever that in my teenage years, my army years or throughout my whole adult life I have always felt there was someone along side of me so much so that on many occasions I have felt a presence so strong that I could almost see it and almost reach out and touch whatever or whoever it may have been.

I can’t explain what causes this and I certainly don’t understand the reasons either, so you the reader will have to decide for yourself.  Psychic phenomenon is it all just fantasy of an over active mind?   Fact or Fiction,   well you decide, the truth is in the mind of the reader.


(J A Fennell-Chester-England-August-2010)


(Should anyone outside of my family or friends ever show an interest and want to read my personal (as yet uncompleted autobiography) that would be encouraging and of course any constructive feedback on storytelling or book writing would be very acceptable, and I hope that they would find the stories interesting bedtime reading?)