Terror in the Shed - A Short Story



This short story is based on fact and difficult to explain, it's about nineteen fifty or fifty one, and  it has stayed with me all my life and the first of my childhood encounters with unexplained situations and bordering on "I now belive" the  Paranormal,  looking through my Grand parents garage window I witnessed a drowning man, for about a minute it was like looking into the cabin of a wrecked boat lying on the bed of the canel in Maryland, Dublin.

The look of terror on the face of this man I can still see to this day, but how could the wooden garage be full of water and containing the remains of a sunken canal boat with a drowing man flooting back and forth trapped in the cabin, looking and pleading with me for help.

I'll tell you the story as I remember it and you can deside for yourself.


Reading through part one of my as yet unpublished personal autobiography “A lifetime of memories” I realised this story of the  “Terror in the shed”  should be my first story to be told so the reader can see where my idea of becoming an writer stems from, so I put it in my book of five short stories under the title “Tales of the Unexplained” as story number one,  also from my autobiography “The Cremona apparitions” will follow as story number two, plus three more strange stories from some years later.                                                          

So for now the following short story is based on fact and is from my present thoughts and memories of long ago, a retired man naively thinking I had nothing better to do in this the first month of my retirement, now writing or rather attempting to try my hand at writing and is based on my ongoing personal autobiography and the unexplained occurrences during my families early years living at my Grandparents home in Maryland-Dublin from nineteen forty eight to about nineteen fifty two.

A robust way of life in an Irish city as a child for me and my brother Ronnie and our gang of pals sounds excellent and it was, but it soon change one day, to a day of terror for me that I never forgot, now nearly seventy years later I decided to talk about it, I’ll just tell it like I remember it and you the reader can decide is it fact or fiction in the mind of a child, in my mind now as an adult it’s absolutely fact, but in your mind?  Well as I said you decide, the truth is in the mind of the reader.