The Brain's Pre-stored Memories

                                                                      FACT OR FICTION

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                                                       (“The Brains Pre-Stored Memories”)

There are endless similarities between family members and their descendants, we definitely inherit many traits from our parents, but just a thought for now, how many of us notice that as we grow older we are continually made aware that our aging anatomy begins to look more and more like our parents as we remember them in their later years, especially facial features, whether we like it or not.

In most cases the likeness is more prominent in later life, but some children are doubles of their parents from day one, and many times I have seen grandchildren who are the spitting image of their respective grandparents. I have many relatives and friends and associates and there is no doubt in my mind they are all turning into the familiar image of their parents, so you’ll agree I’m sure, that there is no doubt that in many ways we take on and inherit the uncanny appearance and the mannerisms of our forefathers, and therefore we age in the likeness of them.

People hypnotised have related stories of past lives, and in some case’s several past lives, but hypnotised or not you can’t relate past memories if the memories are not already stored in the brain, imagine again if you will, if we could one day control our brains so called “stored memories’’  like we store information on our computers for further reference, could this be a way of learning more about our families heritage through our forefathers previous thoughts, and through those thoughts maybe get a glimpse of their way of life as witnessed  by them in their then lifetimes.?

The above story is the result of playing around on my new computer and writing down my thoughts while trying to learn how to use my laptop. It is the first writing from years ago that encouraged me to attempt to become a writer even a novice writer of some description. 

I hope you find it interesting as this is just to give the reader an idea of where all the writing started for me, the brains stored memories some people will agree with, some people won't. However, I will leave that to the reader to decide for themselves.