The Cremona Apparitions

                                                          INTRODUCTION BY

                                                                 JA FENNELL

Auntie’s silhouette glowed in the brightness of the blazing turf fire that radiated no heat in this now very cold room, her face was very pale, as I walked towards her the strangest thing was about to happen, her rocking chair started to fade away along with the rest of all the rooms furniture, she then appeared to slowly float up and out of her dissolving chair to a height of about two feet above the floor, just hovering there with her arms outstretched towards me.

Her usual dark clothing now looking like a long flowing white nightdress and she looked many years younger, in fact to me she looked like a twin to her second daughter Phyllis who cared for her endlessly.

Tony, Aunty called out, it’s nice to see you on this final day, her voice softly echoing in the now seemly empty room, over my right shoulder I noticed cousin Phyllis trying very hard not to scream and almost choking from lack of breath with tears pouring from her eyes, then I heard the first scream...                                                              

This was to be the beginning of a nightmare situation for a now motherless family, the loss of a mother of eight children was going to be devastating, but over a short period of time they would witness many strange happenings and whispering from their now departed mother.

Ghostly appearances of their mother would also be seen by her grown up daughters, Cousins Margaret and Phyllis, my Mam and I were definitely not to be excluded from these strange apparition appearances and activities.

My second involvement with the paranormal, or for the want of a better word, the unexplained, was now taking place, but definitely not going to be the last.



Please read this story with an open mind, I have no intention of trying to convince readers one way or the other, I tell it as I remember it and I won’t ever change a word of it, if you find it hard to believe then treat the story as fiction.